All about My Coupon Fetish


This place was created to bring coupon-ers together to swap coupons, deals and help each other save. Currently we are keeping this community small, 25 members. Why? Since we are just starting out, we would like to test out the site before going larger. You know, get all the bugs worked out. And to get a good foundation to start with. Here, we rely on honest, organized and courteous people to swap with us. Coupons that are available to receive, will be listed by the sender, who will pay shipping cost (usually a stamp or two on an envelope) no form of any currency with be exchanged between sender and receiver. Once they have been claimed by another coupon-er, the sender will mail those coupons in a timely manner (well before they expire please) and remove the listing. This would be wonderful if the receiver would have coupons to send to the sender, too. So please list your un-needed coupons and keep the cycle going. If you connect with someone who you can swap directly with on a regular basis, GREAT! If you have any questions, please email us! Remember we are just starting out and would love to have feedback on the process, and be patient with us as we work out any bugs that may come up. Keep in mind, this is a FREE site for you to use, we all want to save money, so we will not add anything to this site that will need to be paid for. We expect all of our users to up hold the Coupon Code of Conduct! If we find out you are being fraudulent or anything else that falls under the code, you will be removed from the community.